Namai Vake Achieves GEFF Class A Quality as Georgia’s first Residential Complex

March 9, 2024


Namai Vake has proudly become the first residential complex in Georgia, setting a new standard by achieving a prestigious Class A rating under the GEFF quality guidelines established by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).


The GEFF quality document implies a range of criteria to evaluate the energy efficiency of residential buildings, including factors such as insulation, door and window efficiency, common area energy coverage, heating and cooling systems, use of renewable energy, and water consumption principles for irrigation systems. The green building’s energy consumption should be at least 20% less compared to the standard. These are the terms the EBRD developed to determine which class the project belongs to – A or B. C-S and D-S quality documents are not considered at all.


Namai signifies the highest level of quality in energy efficiency, consuming an average of 100 kilowatt-hours of energy per square meter annually, much lower than the 300-400 kilowatt-hours typically used by other buildings in the country. For residents it means savings on utility bills, full coverage of expenses for common areas, and decreased reliance on air conditioning and heating systems, offering a more sustainable and cost-effective living environment.


Furthermore, Namai Vake’s commitment to environmental sustainability is in its ability to prevent the release of approximately 300 tons of CO2 emissions annually, making it a standout example of environmental responsibility in Georgia.


“From all the organizations, that have used the GEFF credit line, Namai was outstanding in terms of construction quality and applied technologies, so, no surprise, it got an A grade. This is the best indicator in Georgia so far.


Giorgi Zurashvili, head of GEFF’s local team


The GEFF credit line provided by EBRD is focused on green investments directed towards energy efficiency, resource optimization, and renewable energy projects. One of the most popular amongst this program is development, within which the financing of Namai Vake began in 2018. 


All this time GEFF supervised the complex throughout construction, and upon completion, completed work was verified and the building was officially graded A.


Baltic Investment Group (BI Group) is a Lithuanian capital company that creates real estate projects for Georgia with European standards. The company aims to raise the quality standard in the local market. Today BI Group unites Georgian and Lithuanian professional architects, engineers, geologists, designers, and other specialists. BI Group is a subsidiary of the global brand, Praslas. Namai Vake is the first project of the Baltic Investment Group.


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