Creating NAMAI VAKE was a completely new adventure. Our goal was to plan a living residence that combined modern style and traditional design both for each apartment and for the exterior.


NAMAI VAKE is a premium-class living residence located in Tbilisi, in the recreational area of upper Vake. NAMAI is the Lithuanian word for "home". So we aimed to design an apartment where you would feel at home.

By creating NAMAI VAKE, Lithuanian professionals aimed to bring the best European innovations and technologies to the Georgian property market. The project is designed based on location, the environment and urban planning, blending the traditional and the modern.



NAMAI VAKE is a peaceful place to escape the buzz of the city without leaving town. Apartments overlook a gorge on one side and the capital on the other. Turtle Lake is 600m from complex. It takes only few minutes by car to reach schools, kindergartens, business centers and medical centers…

there are two routes to get home: Japaridze or Zhvania streets.

It is a place where the convenience of the city meets the beauty of nature.



NAMAI VAKE is made up of four, individual, multistory blocks. Its exterior imitates the nearby rocks and forms a cozy courtyard inside the complex. The courtyard is filled with evergreen coniferous trees, flowering magnolias and wisterias, creating a harmonious atmosphere. Wide windows, verdant terraces and balconies merge with the surrounding nature. Penthouses include individual swimming pools.


Terraces and

At NAMAI VAKE we created verdant terraces and balconies where family and friends can enjoy themselves and celebrate their time together. we have recreated the spirit of Old Tbilisi. We have created a place where you can meet the sunrise with your favorite cup of coffee and enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine.



Whether you prefer a morning run, evening walk or a bike ride, you can enjoy fresh air and your outdoor activities in the grassy yard or neighboring forest.

You can even use a fitness center without leaving home. A modern sports gym is located on-site at Namai Vake. Gym facilities inspired by the latest exercise trends, including Crossfit. It includes everything for adults and a special space for kids as well.


We care about The Quality!

We have a model of quality based on three fundamental factors: The project and design, quality construction materials and the dedication to quality of work.

Outer wall Pumice block (200 mm), new generation Unilin PIR 80 mm insulating material (efficiency is similar to 150 mm of Rockwoll stone wool) Facade finishing Clinker tiles, stoneware tiles and high-quality thermally treated wood are used to finish the facades. Parking Two-storey parking; the prices of the apartment (depending on the size of the apartment) includes one, two or three parking spaces and a storage unit. Roofs The roofing is waterproof and the complex uses both flat and combined types of roofing. The roof is insulated with Unilin PIR, which meets the EU energy efficiency requirements for class B buildings. Boiler room The boiler room on the technical floor of the B corpus, provides heat for the entire complex. Solar power panels Solar power panels will be installed on the roofs to supply electricity for the common areas. Courtyard lighting LED lightings Lighting of terracies and balconies Wall decorative lighting, Facade lighting, LED lights Courtyard coverings Brick paths are located on the territory and on the street near the residential complex. Green areas The yard of the building will be completely landscaped with a grass lawn and an automatic watering system. Gym Fully equipped functional training room for residents of the complex, including a mini sports area for children Entrance doors Hallway doors are a combination of metal, aluminum and wood, with an automatic entry control system. Balconies and terraces The floors of the balconies and terraces are waterproof and covered with Thermo treated nordic spruce. The VIP terrace floor is Thermo treated ash. Balconies and terraces Metal railings with wooden armrests, LED lighting. Balconies and terraces Concrete flowerpots with decorative plants. Windows Aluminum windows - Company Reynaers. Double-glazed windows, made with selective glass with sunlight control from the Saint-Goben/Pilkington. Swimming pool Individual swimming pools for VIP apartments
Windows Aluminum windows - Company Reynaers. Double-glazed windows - selective glass with sunlight control from the Saint-Goben/Pilkington. Ceiling The ceilings in the flats are 3.20 to 3.65 meters high. Doors Single safe, multi-layered doors with sound-proof filling, two locks and a wide-angle door eye. The doors have a wood finish. The same material is used on the finishings above and near the door. Ventilation system Each apartment is equipped with separate ventilation systems for the bathrooms and the kitchen. Floors The apartments are equipped with heated floors with a leveling cement layer and sound insulation. The bathroom floors are waterproof. Interior room walls Interior room walls are 250 mm thick and include two layers of concrete block (100 mm) with sound-insulating material (50 mm layer). The walls have a plastered surface, prepared for painting. Interior walls and bulkheads Interior bulkheads - concrete block 100 mm, plastered surfaces, ready to be painted. Covers and ceilings Monolithic reinforced concrete floors, plastered ceilings, prepared for painting Heating system The complex is equipped with a central gas heating system. Each apartment has a fully functioning floor heating system with thermostats for each room. Heating accounting is individual for each apartment. Cooling system Central air cooling system with individual accounting. The buyer will receive a fully functioning cooling system with high class indoor air conditioner units. Electrical network Electrical wiring has been completely installed in the interior of the apartment. Light current Plug-in ready connections for TV, Internet, telephone, as well as intercoms to communicate with guests at the front door and the outer gate area. Climate control Temperature control systems are installed in every room. Electric cookers Ecological, fast and economical cooking option - the buyer receives electric induction cooker as a gift. Floors terraces / balconies The floors of the balconies and terraces are waterproof and covered with Thermo treated nordic spruce. The VIP terrace floor is Thermo treated ash. Balconies / terraces Metal railings with wooden armrests on the inside, LED lighting Balconies / terraces Concrete flowerpots (decorative plants included) Outer wall Pumice block (200 mm), new generation Unilin PIR 80 mm insulating material (efficiency is similar to 150 mm of Rockwoll stone wool)

Energy Efficient

We use European B class energy efficient construction materials – NAMAI VAKE is the one of the most energy efficient residential complexes in Tbilisi:

  • Thermally insulated walls/roofs - UTHERM Wall PIR L processed with the latest technology.
  • High quality aluminum windows from Raynaers, with a sun protection system from Saint-Gobain/Pilkington
  • Central heating and air cooling systems installed beneath the floors and set up for individual regulation and accounting - allowing residents to make the most economic decisions for their households.
  • Solar power station provides electricity in common spaces in the complex.

Namai Vake - green residential complex - is located in the city centre of Tbilisi as well as near the nature, only in 600 metres from Turtle lake.


Enjoy beatiful location

Namai Vake is located in the city centre of Tbilisi as well as near the nature.


Extra Benefits

  • The price of each apartment includes 1,2 or 3 parking space(s) and a storage unit
  • Dedicated parking spaces for residents' guests
  • A charging station can be installed for electric vehicles by special order.
  • The complex has its own on-site security guard as well as cleaning and technical crews. Professional gardeners care for the lawns and green spaces at the complex - Full service from property management company
  • A gift for every apartment -- a free, modern, energy-saving induction cooker for the kitchen

Our Partners

Construction of a residential complex in Tbilisi, in accordance with European standards, requiring great responsibility from our company. Therefore, we choose partners offering products and services of the highest level.

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